by Iskias Araya

We founded Hoop Dreams in 2020 during the pandemic, it couldn't have been a more strange and chaotic start for us, but at the same time kind of being right up our ally, in a way that state of uncertainty challenged everyone's core values, conviction and determination, it only inspired ours as creatives to double down and see solutions and imagine different ways to keep the energy flowing. We were able to complete 15, full 3x3 events with 12 teams at every event that year.

By staying focused on what brings us joy, the shared experiences + culture surrounding the people behind the sport. We came to realize that instead of trying to tell a made up story, we can only share our own. Ours and the perspective of the communities stories on the world of basketball, and how we together see it.

As the facilitators of Hoop Dreams, we are excited to introduce our website as a platform for the basketball community. 

Inspired by the basketball and creative community, the art of the game, and the rebellious spirit within the players is what pushes us to question and challenge the existing condition. We believe that basketball can bring people together and create a sense of community. Whether it's through pick-up games at the local park or organized leagues or a court floating on water, the sport has the power to unite diverse groups of people and places.

The focus on creating a more hype basketball scene in Sweden has never been more intense. We want to, to the best of our abilities, shine a light on the local players, teams and coaches who are making a difference in the scene. We will be highlighting the stories of those who are working tirelessly to grow the game, and create a positive impact on the community.

This journey will take time, and we want to use Hoop Dreams as a platform to document it and be more transparent with our audience. We hope that you will join us as we work towards building a stronger and more vibrant basketball scene. 

Wrote this while i'm currently microdosing what you dream of doing full-time....