by Iskias Araya

Basketball, art, pop-ups and conversation take place in the park when Hoop Dreams organizes ZON111. ZON is a meeting place and a laboratory where the community can give birth to new thoughts and ideas about community development.

Basketball court by Paloma Demanet
A basketball court painted by the artist Paloma Demanet is set up and can be used by associations for training, lectures and gatherings.

Faramarz Gosheh
The park also displays the photo exhibition "Dreamers & Achievers" by Faramarz Gosheh. The photographer has gathered eight Swedish basketball players and lets them embody important values for development and future creation.

Hank Grüner
In "Above the Rim", the artist Hank Grüner portrays the culture and playfulness of basketball through nine installations and a soundtrack.