by Kenko az

A re-imagination of a concrete float, where community activities and social impact meet, we built a floating basketball court on the waters of Liljeholmen.  

We look at “ZON” as a model for future community hubs, an important hub that gives people the opportunity to socialize, activate, learn and access necessary services. With the big citys growing larger with the promise of offering opportunities and prospects for everyone, it remains one of the most worthwhile human ideals. 

When we started working with this, the questions we dealt with was how and in which way can cities use different approaches to use urban development to create environments that touch and inspire people and ideally stimulate a sense of happiness or contentment within them. 

Through thoughtful programs, we strive to create intergenerational connections, areas of shared connection, access to information, and a sense of place that is welcoming, generous, and representative of the community.

Through 1 months, ZON offered free community activities in Liljeholmen for all. From basketball camps provided by different teams to fashion markets to art installments to outdoor dance sessions to the concept (Activate Your Mind) of listening to the challenges of the youth, ZON - serves to reclaim and strengthen community life.