by Kenko az

As Red Bull were ushering into a new type of sport, 3x3 basketball, we had the opportunity to help and present the concept of Half Court to the basketball community in Sweden. Building on Red Bulls legacy as an enabler for underground movements we wanted to redefine the 3x3 scene in Sweden by building from the ground up. 


Half Court concept is a fast-paced basketball tournament bred from the streets, but now turned to an arena for players to take their game to international levels. The tournament tips of in 29 countries across the world, with over 20´000 expected participants, being the most global streetball tournament on the planet. 

Our work was to build a 3x3 grassroot movement and to conduct and produce the tournaments in 3 places. We invited players from the league to compete against each other, we held open court tournaments, brought cultural aspects to the game with creatives from different areas all working on the idea of basketball and community.